PK Residency service apartments gain appeal

When you are on a short business or leisure trip, most people stay in hotels as they provide whatever you need. However, if you are on an extended trip, the best option is to stay in a service apartment until and unless you have a money tree in your garden. PK Residency service apartments are a great alternative to hotels as not only they are reasonable priced but also match up in terms of services, amenities and luxury.6

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Our service apartments are designed specially to accommodate clients who travel for long periods of time or for families travelling together. For business managers or diplomats, we have special facilities like a separate sitting space which can be utilized as an informal meeting room. We provide free Wi-Fi service throughout the apartment so that you do not have to suffer in terms of professional work when you are away from office. Families who are travelling together get to stay together and this way they can enjoy more. The cosy atmosphere and personal touch makes your stay homely. It is fully furnished so you can just move right in and get on with whatever you want to. While you are off to work and your family is there in the apartment, you do not have to worry about their safety. All our service apartments in secure high rise beautiful buildings with 3 tier security and power backup.

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Located in the heart of Noida, our service apartments have become increasingly popular with growing demand of business travel. All the properties are close to industrial and commercial hub of the town. Noida has many companies which welcome professionals from across the world who have to stay for longer periods of time. They do not want to compromise on living standards. A cost effective and super luxurious apartment is the best suited option. PK Residency offers a wide range of service apartments to choose from ranging from 1 BHK to 4 BHK. All the apartments are an epitome of luxury and high class lifestyle. Smallest of your needs are not left unfulfilled. The staff member is trained and competent enough to fulfill your needs. The well equipped pantry and kitchen enables you to cook your own choice of food. So stay healthy while you are away from home.

For all those who envisage a protracted stay, we welcome you at PK Residency service apartments for a memorable stay that lingers in your mind long after.

PK Residency oozes incredible aura

Last few years have seen a remarkable growth in the hospitality industry in Noida, owing to the commercial and industrial expansion. Name any organization and you can find its office either in Noida or in its vicinity. The need for more residential options gave rise to a number of hotels and apartments in and around the city, the leader in the industry being PK Residency with budget hotels and a variety of service apartments in its kitty. PK residency has a budget hotel in sector 27, an apartment hotel in Sector 50 and other service apartments in Sector 36, 50 and 93A. Suiting every kind of lifestyle of business and leisure traveler, the brand has a distinguished aura around it which makes you want to come back for more.

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All the rooms in all our properties are designed with utmost care to make your stay more comfortable. The rooms are large and are connected to luxurious bathrooms. Equipped with luxurious amenities, the rooms have an ultra modern design. When the modern amenities are coupled with warm service, you visit with us becomes memorable. The lush green garden outside the hotel in sector 27 emanates calmness. Even though the exterior of the hotel emanates a royal traditional feel, the rooms are designed and furnished in contemporary style. The service apartments are also in high rise buildings of beautiful societies so that you get a panoramic view when you see across the windows. All the rooms are bright and airy with ample sunlight. All our rooms are designed with supreme comfort in mind. The tasteful color schemes, chosen artifacts, rich decor exudes an understated excellence. The lavish textures, exquisite furniture and modern luxuries will pamper you so that you stay relaxed during your vacation or when you are back from a stressful work at office.

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We offer an oasis of serenity in the midst of the city offering a complete rejuvenation of your mind, body and soul. The complimentary Wifi facility adds to the uncompromising sense of excellence. Every room of our property has an individual climate control. You can also watch your favorite program on flat screen television with satellite channels. So you can start every morning feeling fresh and refreshed. We guarantee that you will experience tranquility the moment you step into any of our properties. The serene rooms will take your breath away and will blow your mind. Come, visit us and enjoy all your fantasies in reality with us.

PK Residency – a trend setter in Service Apartment

With corporate going global, the unexpected beneficiary is the service apartment industry. More and more people have to extend their stay owing to professional commitments. They also expect higher standards during their long stay assignments. This led to growth of service apartment. With the aggressive expansion of companies in Noida, the concept is working extensively.

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Most of the service apartments are designed keeping in mind the business clientele as it is most used by them. Professional lives of these people are simplified as they feel at home in a strange city. Service apartments have been popular for people who come to Noida for medical purposes. Noida has some big major hospitals which are known for their wide range of specialties. People from all across the country come to these prestigious hospitals. Some treatments might take time and the relatives of the patients prefer to stay in a service apartment rather than a hotel as it does not pinch the pocket much and is more convenient. Moreover the entire family can stay under one roof.

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The meals can be planned individually and you don’t have to depend upon the hotel food everyday during your stay. Moreover eating out everyday can take your health for a toll. Comfortable bathrooms with good shower facilities, communication facilities like internet connection, iron, fully equipped kitchen, power backup and 3 tier security are few things that make your stay worthwhile. World class standards are maintained with personal service to every guest. You can relish higher heights of comforts and luxury of a different kind.

PK Residency has grown leaps and bounds after it introduced its service apartments in the market. The chain stands head and shoulders above its counterparts in terms of amenities, facilities, catering and other services. Daily housekeeping, individually controlled air conditioners, flat screen TVs, plush locality etc. add to the memorable experience of visitor. Our service apartments are located in Sector 36, 50 and 93A. These sectors are centrally located and are near to Greater Noida Expressway, commercial hubs, hospitals, malls, and metro stations etc. which makes them a more convenient option for every traveler. We aim at providing maximum customer satisfaction with cost effective competitive hospitality services. Bringing excellence in its service, PK Residency has been a market leader offering various accommodation options. Designed to offer unlimited luxury to its travelers, our service apartments are best in class. Great business meets perfect pleasure at PK Residency.

Fine dining at PK Residency

PK Residency is known for its fine dining and culinary skills. People come here to savor their taste buds. It is one place where you will find diverse cooking styles and the flavor lingers on your mind long after it is over. We welcome you to a new age of fine dining with sumptuous flavors and unparalleled taste in truly remarkable setting.

When you are at our hotel in Sector 27, you will find a variety of dishes. 360 degrees is the sophisticated Indian restaurant which operates 24/7 where guests are treated with the most imaginative culinary traditions from Mughal era. So if you want to 1grab a bite in middle of the night, don’t worry, come to us. Chef Ganesh is worldwide acclaimed for his innovations with Indian and Mughlai dishes. The involved cuisines enable you to experience a haute dining experience served in a contemporary manner. It is a stylish restaurant with warm ambience, relaxed sitting and cheery interiors. Some dishes not to miss are Chicken and Mutton Rogan Josh, Dal Tadka and Kadhai Chicken.

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Nothing beats a good drink after a hard day at work. A drink with your friends will turn out to be an evening that will leave an indelible impression in your lives. We serve all IMFL liquor brands like Teachers, Bacardi rum, Smirn off, Blenders Pride, Kingfisher, Fosters, Tuborg, 100 Pipers etc. So you can choose your favorite brand and spend a splendid evening getting nostalgic with your best buddies.

While staying in our service apartments, you do not have to compromise with your health. You can cook a healthy delicious food in our fully equipped kitchen hygienically.  The pantry and refrigerator is filled with fresh items before your arrival. It is perfect for those who are on a special diet which they will not find in any hotel. If you do not want to cook on your own, call for a butler. In-keeping with our promise of impeccable service, our experienced butler will make you whatever you want. He will suggest you foods that will take you by a pleasant surprise.

Dining at PK Residency is indeed a veritable feast for the senses. We have created a dining experience that you can cherish forever. Dining with us is more than just a meal as you embark on an enchanted culinary journey. Visit us and send your senses soaring with the best of experience you can ever have.

PK Residency – the ultimate destination

Half the fun of travelling is getting to stay in a luxury hotel. The exquisite cuisine, top class service, beautiful interiors and all that at a reasonable price makes your stay memorable and the beauty lingers in your mind long after you go back home. PK Residency is one such brand that offers a huge variety of hotels and service apartments where the level of service is simply unparalleled.

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The PK Residency hotel in Sector 27 of Noida gives you a feel of traditional Rajasthani Haveli. The exteriors are built with stone Dholpur and the craftsmen have come especially from Rajasthan to make an authentic masterpiece. The interiors 3are chic and contemporary oozing comfort and luxury at every step. The in house restaurant named 360 degrees is open throughout the day serving mouth watering Indian and Mughlai cuisines. The 25 room property is engulfed by a beautiful garden on the outside giving a warm and inviting feel to its guests. The other property named Apartment hotel in Sector 50 are 3 and 4 BHK service apartments equipped with all the amenities and services that you can find in a hotel. A perfect place to unwind for families travelling together as they all can share a single service apartment and business travelers who come for an extended period of stay.

The luxuries of a hotel are combined with necessities of a home in its service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 93A. The fully equipped modular kitchen and well stocked pantry enables you to cook food with your own style. Avail butler facilities if you want more luxury feeling. The privacy, convenience, comforts and security in all the service apartments is unmatched. Daily housekeeping, flat screen TVs, individually controlled air conditioners, washing machine, iron, newspaper etc. are all available in the apartment. What else one can ask for?

All our properties offer a perfect example of world class services and amenities. The properties are very close to Greater Noida Expressway, commercial hubs, malls and hospitals. Every single room is creatively designed and furnished with elegance. The support staff prioritizes your needs and serves you immediately with no delay. Every staff member is hand picked and well trained so as to make PK Residency a perfect destination for your stay. We want you to not just visit us once. We want you to come and stay with us every time you are in Noida. Give us a chance to serve you. It is our pleasure to be at your service for all your travel needs.

PK Residency at a glance

PK Residency is a major accommodation provider in the heart of Noida with its accommodation options ranging from hotels to service apartments of all types. The PK Residency hotel in Noida sector 27 is a perfect blend of luxury, tradition and style. The PK Residency apartment hotel has 3 and 4 BHK apartments in high rise buildings of Sector 50. We also have fully equipped contemporary service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 93A.

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While the hotel in sector 27 is built like a Rajasthan Haveli from outside with Dholpur stone, the interiors are modern with all state of the art facilities. The 25 room property is very close to Sector 18, the main commercial hub. Other than that all the 6major organizations, hospitals and malls are in close vicinity. The round the clock restaurant named 360 degrees offers a wide range of Mughlai and Indian dishes. The apartment hotel in sector 50 is equipped with all the modern amenities to suit any type of lifestyle. The specialty is the thali with a variety of seasonal vegetables and chicken cooked in home made spices. Since it is right next to Electronic City of Noida, our hotel is a preferred choice for many business travelers.

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The service apartments have necessities of a home and luxuries of a hotel combined into one. You can cook your own food in well stocked kitchen or can call for a butler and savor your taste buds. The three staff members will take care of all your needs so that you feel as if you are staying in a home.

The hotel offers blissful seclusion with comforts of a contemporary luxury hotel. The secret of our success lies in timely and quality service with state of the art facilities. We offer unrivalled service anticipating your every business and leisure need in all our properties. PK Residency aims at saving our environment, so we have used CFL lamps in all our properties so as to save energy. Not only this, water is harvested in most of our properties. We are a regular destination for MICE activities for many organizations. We seamlessly arrange our services and ensure that your events goals are met. Most demanding presentations are supported by our fully equipped meeting spaces and efficiently trained staff personnel. PK Residency caters to every discerning traveler be it for leisure or business purpose. Come, stay with us and enjoy flawless service with ultimate luxury.

PK Residency offers best in class services and amenities

Noida is the golden goose of the hospitality industry. The industrial and commercial area in and around the town is continually expanding. The city has tremendous pull of opportunity. Name any multi national organization and it has its office either in Noida or Greater Noida Expressway. 88% of the visitors visiting Noida comprise of corporate guests and clients. India will soon be in top 5 in terms of business travel and the demand for good quality 1accommodation is ever increasing. Business travelers who come here for an extended stay want a homely atmosphere and do not fear trying variety of staying options. PK Residency has emerged as a booming chain of accommodation offering luxuries of a hotel in a comfortable home. Raising the bar of hospitality, it has many hotels and service apartments to its credit and is becoming leader in the economy segment. The tariffs are much lesser than any other hotel of the same segment. So it doesn’t hit your pocket much even you stay for a longer duration.

While all the hotels and service apartments are located at hot spots so that the business traveler doesn’t have to commute for long everyday to office. All the rooms are designed with utmost care so that the properties suit the lifestyle of people from across the globe. Both domestic and international travelers feel at home during their entire stay. The staff is well trained to foresee the needs of the guests. Our staff members respect and understand the importance of privacy, security and comfort.

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While in the service apartments, the guests can cook their own food suiting their health and lifestyle, the restaurant in the hotel offer choicest of Indian and Mughlai cuisine. The large rooms are stuffed with world class amenities. Attached bathrooms with marble flooring and top is a delight to be in. Our rooms are as perfect place to relax after a hectic and tiring day at work. While in the apartments, you can ask for a butler to cook if you are too tired to do on your won. If the travelers have to work while they are in the confines of the room, they do not have to leave the place. We provide free wi-fi across all the rooms so that you stay connected all the time.

 PK Residency aims at the comforts and convenience of the guests. All out work is streamed so as to make your stay memorable. We would like to welcome you again on your next visit.

PK Residency Service Apartments – Best place to unwind and relax

If you are looking for a well-furnished service apartment in the heart of Noida, you are at the right place. PK Residency offers stylish, comfortable and reasonably priced apartments in Sector 36, 50 and 93A of the town.  We offer various options from 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK apartments in beautiful high rise buildings of posh localities. The convenience, privacy and security of an apartment when combined with luxuries of a hotel offers a refreshing experience that lingers in your mind long after your stay with us is over.

Also termed as corporate guest house, these service apartments offer you all the amenities that you can think of in one place so as to give you a homely feeling. Other than the round the clock 3 tier security and power backup, the apartments are1 well furnished and designed with a style. The spacious bedrooms with attached marble bathrooms make your mornings more beautiful. The fully equipped kitchenette is provided to savor home cooked meals. Well stocked pantry awaits you before your arrival. There is no need to compromise on your health while you are away from home. Ask for a butler is you are in no mood to cook. We provide modular kitchen with all the cutlery and crockery, refrigerator to store food items, washing machine, LCD television sets in the bedrooms, washing machine with dryer and many other things. At PK Residency, we believe in saving our environment. So we save water via rain harvesting in our properties and make use of CFL lamps.

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The exclusive and spacious apartments are creatively designed so that you do feel as if you are in a lavish hotel. The daily housekeeping services ensure that the apartment is neat and clean. We are pleased to receive business travelers as all our apartments are close to Greater Noida Expressway, commercial hubs and industrial area. High speed Wifi internet is provided so that the business guests can work from home as well. The ready to help staff enlightens you with minute details and anticipates all your needs in advance. So you do not have to ask for anything. They get you what you want before you even ask for it. The apartments are so reasonably priced that you can stay here for as long as you want without worrying about your budget. The best in the industry in engulfed in the service apartments of PK Residency.

Why choose PK Residency apartment hotel?

Life is a constant buzz and as you hop from one place to another, our fully equipped serviced accommodation affords you the freedom to navigate for business or pleasure travel. Settle in, chill out and stay as long as you want with PK Residency 1Apartment hotel in sector 50, Noida. The convenience of a hotel combined with privacy and space of an apartment at an unbelievable price – you can’t ask for more. These are 3 and 4 BHK apartments in high rise buildings with all the comforts one can think of. The property was designed keeping in mind the needs of many IT professionals who come to town for an extended stay and want a homely option.

Customize your stay experience with cleverly figured spaces and lavish home comforts in the secure confines of an apartment. The minute you check in, you start living up the moment. The great attention and service from the staff makes you feel blessed. The spacious and serene rooms attached modern and luxurious bathrooms makes your staying experience worthwhile. Try your hand at cooking with our modern well equipped kitchen. You can also avail butler services if you are in a mood to relax. A good quality accommodation at down to earth quality rates makes us stand apart from all other apartments. The staff understands your needs and come to your apartment at your convenience.

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It is a world of chic urban living in the heart of the city. The apartment hotel is located in upscale sector of Noida i.e. Sector 50 and is very close to Greater Noida Expressway and Noida Special Economic Zone where most of the industries reside. The electronic City of Noida is also just a mile away. So the working professionals can commute easily everyday between their office and the apartment. The apartment is located in a beautiful green society with free car parking, 3 tier security and electricity backup round the clock. We aim at providing a complete home experience. The thali served here consists of many home made vegetables and chicken in home cooked spices. It is surely something not to miss. No wonder we attract visitors from across the globe throughout the year.

The exceptional service and personal attention to each guest makes them come back. Unparalleled home comforts await u at PK Residency apartment hotel. It is a smarter alternative to hotel and perfect abode for long and short stays.

Staff at PK Residency

PK Residency is the upcoming accommodation provider in Noida. We have a wide range of properties to our credit which includes hotels and service apartments.

While there are 25 staff personnel in our PK Residency hotel, 1we have 10 staff personnel in PK Apart hotel. All the staff members are professionally trained, courteous and efficient. There is one person in each service apartment that takes care of the entire apartment single handedly and efficiently. The expert caretaker understands your needs way in advance and delivers every kind of lifestyle needs. The butler service is available on call in all our service apartments. You can enjoy hotel like delicacies in a homely environment.

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The moment you enter our properties, you will notice smile prevailing on the lips of all the staff. Special attention is accorded to occupants of the hotel and apartments. We understand that tourist appreciate honest piece of information. The hotel staff is well versed with local information. They enlighten the guests about the best nearby places to visit and the mode of transport. In case of emergencies, our staff is well trained to deal with it providing comfort to the guest at the same time. They are fully aware of their hotel policies, the amenities they offer and other related information. All this not done because they are paid for it, but because they understand that guests need to be treated the way they should be. The hotel security personnel staff has got the right training and experience to keep the guests safe in any situation.

The courteous, friendly happy to help and responsive hotel staff prioritizes your work and attends to all your needs in no time. They try their best to keep the response time as less as possible. All your needs are catered to in least possible time. Their main aim is to make your stay as happy and fulfilling as possible. The specialty of our hotel lies in systematic workflow and our professional staff keeps it in mind. Being empathetic to our guests is they aim and they strive hard to achieve it and stick to it.

Our unparalleled customer service has made us reach the heights of hospitality. We are known for our experience as home away from home. At PK Residency, we do not want you to just come and visit us once. We want you to come again and stay with us again in your next visit to the town. Service with a smile is what we believe in.