Work up an appetite at PK Residency

At PK Residency, we believe that an exquisite dining experience is important for your memorable stay with us. The unforgettable culinary experience when combined with excellent service and stunning decor will occupy your minds long after the meal.

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The guests or the foodies who are looking forward to originality and creativity cannot afford to miss the Indian and Mughlai delicacies by Chef Ganesh. Chef Ganesh has been with us for past 14 years and is renowned worldwide for his creativity and innovation with food. Some those are worth tasting are Kadhai Chicken, Dal Tadka and Mutton Roghan Josh. The restaurant named 360 degrees in PK Residency hotel in Sector 27 Noida operates round the clock to soothe your hunger pangs even in the middle of the night. The unique gastronomic experience is enhanced by the fact that the restaurant has ample sitting space with exclusive plush decor and comfortable seating arrangement. The quick and personalized service adds to the delight. The pure colors, aroma and taste will surely win your heart and would make you come again to us for the unforgettable dining experience.

When you are travelling for an extended period, you family is worried about your health back home. The answer to the problem is PK Residency service apartments which offer fully equipped modular kitchen where you can cook your own food or ask for a butler as well. The knowledgeable and experienced butlers are full of fresh ideas and that will be shown in their cooking art. The kitchen has everything at your disposal that you can think of. At PK Residency, we believe in offering our guests the modular kitchen with careful selection of freshest products from the market. The pantry is well stocked with fresh items just before your arrival. The thali offered at PK Apart hotel in Sector 50 is one of its kind with chicken in home cooked spices and a variety of homemade vegetables. So not only you can have food in the most hygienic environments but you can also follow your nutritionist’s diet plan if you have any.

We give utmost care to the quality of our products. We serve the choicest of IMFL liquor brands like Teachers, Bacardi Rum, Smirn Off, Blenders Pride, Tuborg, Kingfisher etc. NO other experience can beat the feeling of sitting with friends, sipping exclusive drinks and getting nostalgic. Give us a chance to serve you the best of experiences and you will end up recognizing the meaning of luxury all over again.

When you think about travelling, think about PK Residency

Travelling is an important aspect of human life these days. A vacation has become important for families once in a year. The modern competitive corporate world keeps people super busy and they need some time to rejuvenate themselves so that they can strike back charged and with a positive energy. Globalization has also led to many people travelling across countries to fulfill their professional needs. Whether you are out on a business trip or out for vacations with your friends and family, a good staying option makes the trip more memorable and relaxing. Finding a hotel that meets all your requirements is a vital part of your travelling which ensures that you have an enjoyable time. PK Residency is a name that can cater to every type of need for every traveler. The wide range of accommodation options includes service apartments, budget and luxury hotels.

Striking a balance between quality and price is one of the crucial factors in deciding the hotel. PK residency offers the choicest of services and amenities at the best price without compromising on quality standards. All the properties are reasonably priced and suit everyone’s pocket. So even if you decide to stay for longer duration, it does not affect your budget much. The guests can choose from 1 BHK to 4 BHK service apartments depending upon their requirements.

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Location of the property also decides whether it suits your purpose or not. All the PK Residency hotels and service apartments are centrally located in the heart of Noida. While the hotel in sector 27 is close to commercial hubs with major multi national companies, the PK Apart hotel in sector 50 is very close to Electronic city of Noida. The service apartment in sector 36 is in close proximity to Greater Noida Expressway. All the places are easily accessible by road and just a few minutes drive from New Delhi.

All the rooms are exclusively designed to make your stay more comfortable. The plush decor, comfy beddings and furnishings, spacious rooms, luxurious bathrooms add a touch of opulence to your stay. The service apartments are well-equipped with all the necessities of a home to give you a home like feeling in the lap of luxury. We aim at making your stay with us an energizing and refreshing experience and we strive hard to continually improve ourselves in terms of services and technology. We want you to think about us and consider us every time you come to Noida whether for a business trip or for vacation.

PK Residency pampers you in numerous ways

PK Residency is a name that has captured the minds of travelers who come to Noida on business or leisure trips and are on a lookout for a comfortable and relaxing staying option. Offering a wide range of options to choose from, the hotels and service apartments offers best of services and amenities.

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We believe in feeding the guests with not only the tastiest, but also the healthiest of foods. We aim at maintaining the nutrients while preparing a yummy meal in a hygienic environment. The in house restaurant names 360 degrees serves you with choicest of Indian and Mughlai cuisines by world renowned chef Ganesh prepared in a healthy and hygienic environment. The best part is that the restaurant operates round the clock so you can cater to your hunger pangs in the middle of the night. So you can break the bad habits and start some good healthy ones with us. The service apartments give you an option to cook your own food in your own style. If you are on a special diet recommended by your nutritionist, you can follow the same. You can also ask for a butler to cook for you if you want a variation n the taste and flavors.

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Staying connected while you are away from your home matters a lot. We have free Wi-fi services in all our rooms so that you do not have that unplugged feeling. The friends and family members back home can stay connected and can put their anxious feeling to rest when they find that you have reached safe and secure. You can look out on the internet to see what you can see next and text back home that you had an awesome day and many more such things. The aim is that you do not feel lonely even if you are far away from home. The comfortable beddings, rich and lavish decor, spacious rooms with a scenic view and creatively designed furniture add to the look and feel of the room. The lowest tariffs do not hit your pocket hard and you can stay for as long as you want.

The well-trained and mannered staff prioritizes your work and strives hard to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. All the properties are child friendly. Give us a chance to serve you and you will end up reinventing the meaning of comforts and luxury.

Indulge in opulence at PK Residency, Noida

India has been known worldwide as a land where there is a perfect amalgamation of age old tradition, infrastructure and technology. Travelers coming to India are always in search of a place to stay that matches this concept. The hoteliers have kept this fact in mind while designing the accommodation options. PK Residency is the biggest accommodation provider in Noida that suffices all the needs and requirements for any type of traveler. Guests travelling with their families or those on business trips find these hotels very relaxing and take home a memory that they can cherish forever.

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Out of all the options that PK Residency offers, the hotel in Noida sector 27 is a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary setting. The exteriors are built like a Rajasthani Haveli using the Dholpur stone. To get the authenticity, special craftsmen were brought from Rajasthan to create a beautiful masterpiece. The beautiful garden outside is a pleasant sight to see. The 25 room property has modern rooms well equipped with all the luxurious amenities and services. The airy and spacious rooms have a flat screen TV and Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can connect to outside world from the comfortable confines of your room. So you can attend to a mid night professional commitment without actually moving out.

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The in-house restaurant named 360 degrees offer the choicest of Indian and Mughlai cuisines prepared by renowned chef Ganesh. Ganesh has been known worldwide for his innovation in culinary skills. The Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani, Kadhai Chicken, Butter Chicken and Mutton Rogan Josh are few dishes not to miss. It is a true delicacy for vegetarians and non vegetarians and the taste will linger on long after the vacation is over. Choicest of liquor brands are served here to make your evening relaxing and comfy. Centrally located, the hotel is few minutes drive from major railway stations and is very close to major industrial hub of the town. The international airport is also easily accessible.

The hotel is perfect for any organizations that want to hold an event in a truly professional manner. Other than that personal parties can also be arranged with the correct style and opulence. The well equipped meeting halls are perfect for any business event or celebratory occasion. A wide range of decor options and culinary makes the evening memorable! We strive hard to continually improve what we offer and want you to come over again and again.

PK Residency comes up with environment friendly properties

Global warming is eating up the planet every minute and we all must do our bit to save Earth in our own small ways to make it a safe and better place to live in not only for us but for generations to come. PK Residency now moves on to the path of sustainability by venturing into some environment friendly hotels and service apartments. The brand has 2 hotels and 3 service apartments in its kitty which all are located in green plush surroundings. The properties have rain water harvesting system installed and make use of low energy consuming CFL lights that save power.

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Rain water harvesting system is not the main source of water but is a green initiative that involves a catchment area which collects rain water and sends it to storage tanks. This water stored can also be directed to groundwater recharging pits. It promotes conservation, reduce floods and clean streams. The water from the roof is channeled to a storage tank rather than going wasted in sidewalks and streets. The clear stored water can then be used for other better purposes.

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The commitment to going green continues to survive with the use of compact fluorescent lighting commonly called CFL in guest rooms. These lights are not only long lasting but also reduce the energy cost along with the carbon footprint. These lights save 75% of energy and take little while to warm up to complete intensity. The guest rooms when highlighted with these CFL lights offer a welcoming atmosphere. The guests do not even notice the difference in light source, thanks to cutting edge technology. This energy efficient lighting builds the brand value and loyalty and offers fast return on investment. It is an attractive option to enhance the aesthetic environment and reduce the energy at the same time. Going green never looked so beautiful before.

The PK Residency hotel in Sector 27 is surrounded by a stunning garden on the outside with beautiful flowers and long eucalyptus trees. All the service apartments are located in high rise buildings of plush green localities with lot of greenery around. All these green initiatives when mixed with contemporary world class service, ambience and aura make your stay with us a truly memorable and rejuvenating. After a hard day at work, the decor, services and the entire aura relaxes you and leave you with a positive energy to start another day with an exciting zeal.

PK residency – Hallmark of excellence

PK Residency is a name that has proved its mantle in the hospitality industry in the past few years. Seeing an increase in the number of visitors owing to their professional and personal commitments, the hotel has been the ideal choice for many of the visitors. Guests can choose from a variety of luxury rooms and modern-day serviced apartments to enjoy their stay in located in the epicenter of Noida.

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It is a contemporary lifestyle destination which offers legendary hospitality with its well trained and ready to help staff. The large air conditioned rooms, attached luxurious bathrooms are well equipped with contemporary amenities that match every kind of lifestyle. For travelers who are out of their homes for large time interval, experience a feeling of home away from home.

You can get choicest of Indian and Mughlai cuisines in the hotel and cook your own styled food in fully equipped modular kitchen. If you do not know how to cook, that is not a problem. We make available the best of chefs in the service apartments too. The unparalleled security ensures that you travel safe. If you are planning to bring your family along with on your business trip, you can leave them back in the room and go to the office with no worries. Once you trip is over, you will realize that leisure and relaxation is an integral part of your stay. All the properties are located close to shopping malls, metro stations and other industrial areas of Noida so that the travelers don’t have to waste their time in reaching from one destination to another. The hotel is a perfect destination to stage events whether professional or personal of any scale.

So close to Delhi, yet so far from it in a sense that the hotel is just a 20 minutes drive from the capital of India Delhi, yet it is very far from the maddening rush and busy jostling lifestyle. It offers a soothing serene aura sure to make your vacation or stay the most relaxing one you have ever experienced. Special attention is given to every room decor so that when you reach here, you feel out of the world. We aim at making your stay with us as comfortable as possible with our world class luxuries and services that match any multi starred hotel in the world. Visit a world of ultimate splendor, revel in the lap of luxury and savour our legendary hospitality by giving us a chance to serve you.

PK Residency at the epicenter of Noida

Noida is the first place that comes to mind when an organization is looking for a place to set its office in. No wonder there are a plethora of organizations in the town owing to a great increase in number of visitors on business purpose. All these professionals come for long durations and want a comfortable relaxing environment to stay and are ready to experiment. PK Residency is the hospitality leader in Noida which has opened many budget hotels and service apartments catering to lifestyle needs of every traveler.

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All the properties of PK Residency are located at the epicenter of Noida so that the travelers have easy access to all of them. The close proximity of the properties with Greater Noida Expressway and Noida Special Economic Zone makes it the preferred choice of business professionals who have to go to their offices everyday for work. Since the metro stations are in the vicinity of the residential option, commuting to office everyday will not be a problem. If you are planning to take your family along, PK Residency is the best place to stay as it is close to shopping malls and commercial centers. So, while you are away making money in your office, your family is busy enjoying in the malls.

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The PK Residency hotels and service apartments have direct connectivity with the IGI airport. Foreign diplomats and people from all across the globe do not face any problem in coming to the property. Not only this, it is very close to the New Delhi Railway Station. The hotel and apartments also offer on demand cab facility for airport pick and drop making the travelling more convenient and time saving.

The moment you enter the premises, you will feel the warmth of an inviting ambience. The exquisite rooms fill you with a sense of tranquility when you reach the hotel or the apartment after struggling at work for the entire day. The support staff is trained to make meet all your demands. The world class amenities and impeccable services coalesce together to give you a refreshing feeling. The hotel gives you a home away from home feeling. So even if you are staying for some extra time, homesickness is not something you will undergo. When all these facilities are combined with the best tariffs in the industry, the entire stay becomes a true value for money. You feel amazingly refreshed after the vacation and ready to take on the world with a new zeal and enthusiasm.

PK Residency atmosphere creates positive aura

Lately, hotel atmosphere has become the key factor in perception of guests. Hospitality managers have become more aware of the importance of maintaining the atmosphere of a hotel. So it has become their pivotal concern so that they can attract and satisfy more and more guests. Certain amount of distinctiveness is mandatory for a hotel; otherwise the experience will not be exclusive. When the guests are treated in a hospitable and welcoming manner, there are chances that word of mouth will be spread more likely. PK Residency believes in giving best in class treatment to its guests and offer world class services and amenities at an affordable price.

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Employees have a major role to play when it comes to hospitality. So the hospitality managers have started paying attention to employee training other than guests needs. PK Residency focuses on employee training a lot. The staff is carefully chosen and trained to offer utmost relaxation and a memorable stay. A smile prevailing on every staff member’s lips creates a positive environment. Another factor that contributes to the atmosphere is the decor. You can sense elegance the moment you enter any property. All the rooms are specially designed so that all types of lifestyle needs are met. The subtle color schemes match the wonderful furniture. Not only the amenities are out of the world, the decor screams grace from every corner. Rich fabric sheets and curtains give a sense of luxury. Carefully chosen artifacts suit the furniture, curtains and bed covers. The individual climate control in every room keeps the harsh climatic conditions at bay. Sit in the comfortable couch and watch your favorite program on the flat screen LED television set. Enjoy few drinks with your friends and give your evenings a meaning.

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All the service apartments are in the plush sectors of Noida offering tranquility to every visitor. You can work from the comforts of your room in complete silence and serenity. The beautiful garden outside the PK Residency hotel in Sector 27 gives a picturesque view from the rooms. The hotel is a perfect merge of traditional look and contemporary facilities designed to make you comfortable and relaxed. When you come back to us after a long hectic day at work, you will feel pampered. So visit us, imbibe in the positive aura and feel complete rejuvenation that makes you ready to take on the world. Experience the exclusiveness in style.

MICE activities in PK Residency

India has emerged as a strong developing country. The privatization of many sectors that belonged to government is working well in the direction of prosperity and growth for the country. The way an enterprise works has changed completely in the past decade. These days every organization has realized the importance of MICE activities. MICE, that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions, have become an integral part of work environment. A successful event like this would require careful planning, technical equipments and a great accommodating venue. PK Residency has emerged as the preferred destination by many professional organizations to hold these MICE events. Organizations have started making these event a classy affair so that the memory stays fresh in the minds of the attendees long after and we help you make this possible.


The PK Residency hotel in Sector 27 offers a special venue where such professional events can take place. Our expert team will take off every burden from your shoulders the moment you decide to hold an even with us. Right from planning to successful execution, we support you in every step. We offer a wide range of decor options from minimal to classy to flashy and what not. You can choose depending upon what suits your event. We customize our cuisine to suit the type of event and your choice. Many organizations like Accenture Conference, Amity University, Nokia Siemens Network, Global Logic, HCL technologies, BHEL Ltd., NTPC Ltd. etc. have shown their faith on our brand and are our regular customers when it comes to events. The professionalism oozes out of everything we do.

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Not just professional, we can hold any type of fabulous personal event. A bachelor party, birthday party, farewell, engagement ceremony – the list is endless. Even though our specialty is in Indian and Mughlai dishes from the in-house restaurant, we can provide any cuisine that you wish and guarantee for the taste. We take care of food, music arrangements, seating arrangements, dance floor, lighting, decoration, camera etc. All you have to do is just name it and it can be arranged. You will be surprised to see how the event can be customized to suit your pocket.

The elegance of a hotel lies in the way it treats its customers. Our courteous, friendly and professional staff understands what you require and serves you with a smile. We take pride in hosting all the celebratory occasions and business events with an edge.

Why choose PK Residency?

Great business meets perfect pleasure at PK Residency, the brand that has raised the hospitality bar to a new height. Offering hotels and service apartments as the accommodation option, we aim at bringing you the best and making your stay as1 memorable and comfortable as possible. Enjoy the best of convenience living enveloped in a comfortable world with us. Situated in the heart of Noida, we are a perfect option for all the business and leisure travelers. All the commercial and industrial hubs are very close to all our properties.

Luxury never takes a backseat with us. We offer spacious rooms attached with luxurious bathrooms fully equipped with all the amenities that you can think of in a room. More than just amenities, we emphasize on personal service and that is what makes us stand apart in the crowd. We assure you of the highly professional and friendly staff that caters to every need of yours. From exceptional cuisine to room service to top class amenities, PK Residency does not disappoint. We aim at continually introducing new services and best of technologies that befits the modern world while maintain our traditional values. We are a family friendly hotel retaining the warm welcoming family approach. The kids can stay free of cost till they are sharing the same bedding as their parents. While you are on a business trip, we provide wi-fi internet and round the clock power backup to support your official work. Even if you are travelling with your family and you are out for work, you can be assured of their safety in the confines of a service apartment. A fully equipped banquet or conference hall is available in our hotel to stage event of any caliber.

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Our hotels and service apartments are no different from your second home with an added touch of luxury and style. The finest of Indian and Mughlai cuisine in our hotel located in sector 27, Noida will make you want to come again. The service apartments have fully equipped kitchen and pantry at your disposal. Unleash your creativity and cook healthy, nutritious and indulgent food.

A high service standard with a great value statement is what defines PK Residency. We have set demanding standards for ourselves and make sure that we deliver on our promises. Discover the exceptional facilities in heart of the town. We look forward to taking care of you during your stay with us.