Reasons why you should stay in a service apartment

Vacation is a time where you want to spend most of the available time enjoying. Staying in an expensive hotel might hit your pocket hard. But if you find a suitable alternative to that one, you are lucky. For those who are in search of mid range option, PK Residency offers its service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 93A of Noida. A service apartment is completely furnished apartment which has all the luxuries of a hotel and comforts and privacy of a home at the same time. It has a housekeeping staff that services the apartment and makes it a perfect place for you to stay.

While you are staying in a PK Residency service apartment, you are not confined to just one room. All the apartments have a separate living and dining area just like your home. The service apartments are not only cheaper but are in comparison to any luxurious hotel when it comes to services and amenities. The well equipped kitchen is the best part of an apartment. Not only you can cook your own food, but can also ask for a cook if you are not in a mood to spend time in the kitchen. The fridge and microwave enables you to store late night snacks and heat up leftover food. Your special dietary requirements are easily taken care of. With a fully equipped kitchen you can cook your own meal, stay healthy and save money at the same time. You can call for housekeeping whenever you want to. All our apartments have a washing machine with a dryer. So you can pack light while you are travelling and can wash and wear the clothes repeatedly. The two most important factors that make our service apartments hot favourite are that the luxuries of a hotel are incorporated in the apartment and the tariffs are the best in the industry. So the guests can stay for longer periods without worrying about their bills.

Service apartments are perfect for those who are on long business trips and need a homely atmosphere after a tiring day at work. People who travel in groups find this a perfect option as they can stay together and make the maximum out of the time spent together. Couples or groups can have their own rooms and can hang out together in the shared living area. PK Residency service apartments are creatively designed and aesthetically furnished so as to give you maximum comforts.

Rise of service apartment industry

Past few years have been exciting in terms of growth, stock and quality when we talk about the service apartment industry. It feels great to see the steep growth in a developing country like India. This new initiative was launched few years back and has proved to be very strong since its inception. PK Residency has emerged as a strong and prolific leader when it comes to the service apartments.
Not only it is apt for business travellers who have to travel for longer duration but it is perfect for medical tourists who come to India for medical treatment and have to stay long. During the prolonged treatment, people prefer to stay in these service apartments rather than spending money on hotels. Delhi is the India’s favourite hotspot for medical tourism and Noida witnesses many medical tourists every year. All the PK Residency service apartments are close to major hospitals of the town, so that the patients and his relatives do not spend much on commuting.
Not only the medical tourism but also the corporate travel has benefitted the service apartment industry in many ways. With businesses going global, employees have to travel to meet the professional demands, and these trips can extend longer. A feel of home and ample space is what they are looking for while they are on a business trip. These high profile business professionals do not want to compromise on the quality of service, and they are provided with the best in class facilities at PK Residency service apartments. Free Wifi, flat screen TVs, remote controlled air conditioners, washing machines, iron etc. are few facilities that makes your stay comfortable.
Not only the service apartments of PK Residency are cost effective, but they also offer total privacy. The families who are travelling together want to stay together. PK Residency service apartments in Noida are the best option for them as they can stay under the same roof and can cook as per their requirement. The professionally managed service apartments offer prompt assistance in case of an emergency. All the apartments are located in sky rise buildings of sector 36, 50 and 93A of Noida and offer extreme privacy and security. Located at the epicentre of Noida, the apartments combine the necessities of a home with the luxuries of a hotel to give a unique experience to all its guests. All these factors have not only raised the hospitality bar but also have contributed tremendously to the service industry.

PK Residency service apartments gain appeal

When you are on a short business or leisure trip, most people stay in hotels as they provide whatever you need. However, if you are on an extended trip, the best option is to stay in a service apartment until and unless you have a money tree in your garden. PK Residency service apartments are a great alternative to hotels as not only they are reasonable priced but also match up in terms of services, amenities and luxury.6

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Our service apartments are designed specially to accommodate clients who travel for long periods of time or for families travelling together. For business managers or diplomats, we have special facilities like a separate sitting space which can be utilized as an informal meeting room. We provide free Wi-Fi service throughout the apartment so that you do not have to suffer in terms of professional work when you are away from office. Families who are travelling together get to stay together and this way they can enjoy more. The cosy atmosphere and personal touch makes your stay homely. It is fully furnished so you can just move right in and get on with whatever you want to. While you are off to work and your family is there in the apartment, you do not have to worry about their safety. All our service apartments in secure high rise beautiful buildings with 3 tier security and power backup.

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Located in the heart of Noida, our service apartments have become increasingly popular with growing demand of business travel. All the properties are close to industrial and commercial hub of the town. Noida has many companies which welcome professionals from across the world who have to stay for longer periods of time. They do not want to compromise on living standards. A cost effective and super luxurious apartment is the best suited option. PK Residency offers a wide range of service apartments to choose from ranging from 1 BHK to 4 BHK. All the apartments are an epitome of luxury and high class lifestyle. Smallest of your needs are not left unfulfilled. The staff member is trained and competent enough to fulfill your needs. The well equipped pantry and kitchen enables you to cook your own choice of food. So stay healthy while you are away from home.

For all those who envisage a protracted stay, we welcome you at PK Residency service apartments for a memorable stay that lingers in your mind long after.

PK Residency – a trend setter in Service Apartment

With corporate going global, the unexpected beneficiary is the service apartment industry. More and more people have to extend their stay owing to professional commitments. They also expect higher standards during their long stay assignments. This led to growth of service apartment. With the aggressive expansion of companies in Noida, the concept is working extensively.

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Most of the service apartments are designed keeping in mind the business clientele as it is most used by them. Professional lives of these people are simplified as they feel at home in a strange city. Service apartments have been popular for people who come to Noida for medical purposes. Noida has some big major hospitals which are known for their wide range of specialties. People from all across the country come to these prestigious hospitals. Some treatments might take time and the relatives of the patients prefer to stay in a service apartment rather than a hotel as it does not pinch the pocket much and is more convenient. Moreover the entire family can stay under one roof.

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The meals can be planned individually and you don’t have to depend upon the hotel food everyday during your stay. Moreover eating out everyday can take your health for a toll. Comfortable bathrooms with good shower facilities, communication facilities like internet connection, iron, fully equipped kitchen, power backup and 3 tier security are few things that make your stay worthwhile. World class standards are maintained with personal service to every guest. You can relish higher heights of comforts and luxury of a different kind.

PK Residency has grown leaps and bounds after it introduced its service apartments in the market. The chain stands head and shoulders above its counterparts in terms of amenities, facilities, catering and other services. Daily housekeeping, individually controlled air conditioners, flat screen TVs, plush locality etc. add to the memorable experience of visitor. Our service apartments are located in Sector 36, 50 and 93A. These sectors are centrally located and are near to Greater Noida Expressway, commercial hubs, hospitals, malls, and metro stations etc. which makes them a more convenient option for every traveler. We aim at providing maximum customer satisfaction with cost effective competitive hospitality services. Bringing excellence in its service, PK Residency has been a market leader offering various accommodation options. Designed to offer unlimited luxury to its travelers, our service apartments are best in class. Great business meets perfect pleasure at PK Residency.

PK Residency Service Apartments – Best place to unwind and relax

If you are looking for a well-furnished service apartment in the heart of Noida, you are at the right place. PK Residency offers stylish, comfortable and reasonably priced apartments in Sector 36, 50 and 93A of the town.  We offer various options from 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK apartments in beautiful high rise buildings of posh localities. The convenience, privacy and security of an apartment when combined with luxuries of a hotel offers a refreshing experience that lingers in your mind long after your stay with us is over.

Also termed as corporate guest house, these service apartments offer you all the amenities that you can think of in one place so as to give you a homely feeling. Other than the round the clock 3 tier security and power backup, the apartments are1 well furnished and designed with a style. The spacious bedrooms with attached marble bathrooms make your mornings more beautiful. The fully equipped kitchenette is provided to savor home cooked meals. Well stocked pantry awaits you before your arrival. There is no need to compromise on your health while you are away from home. Ask for a butler is you are in no mood to cook. We provide modular kitchen with all the cutlery and crockery, refrigerator to store food items, washing machine, LCD television sets in the bedrooms, washing machine with dryer and many other things. At PK Residency, we believe in saving our environment. So we save water via rain harvesting in our properties and make use of CFL lamps.

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The exclusive and spacious apartments are creatively designed so that you do feel as if you are in a lavish hotel. The daily housekeeping services ensure that the apartment is neat and clean. We are pleased to receive business travelers as all our apartments are close to Greater Noida Expressway, commercial hubs and industrial area. High speed Wifi internet is provided so that the business guests can work from home as well. The ready to help staff enlightens you with minute details and anticipates all your needs in advance. So you do not have to ask for anything. They get you what you want before you even ask for it. The apartments are so reasonably priced that you can stay here for as long as you want without worrying about your budget. The best in the industry in engulfed in the service apartments of PK Residency.

Service Apartment – the rising trend

In line with the commercial expansion, Noida has seen service apartments have been increasingly popular among frequent business travelers who have an extended stay. Families seeking a base before moving permanently to the town opt for service apartments as it fits every budget big or small. While seeking for a home away6 from home, the travelers do not want to compromise on luxuries and facilities they get. Thus service apartments by PK Residency were designed keeping in mind the comforts and luxuries. Our service apartments are in Sector 36, 50 and 93A of Noida catering to lifestyle and budget needs of every traveler. Guest’s needs and discreet lifestyles were kept in mind while planning these service apartments.

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Our service apartments are classic getaways that keep you away from the city buzz and yet in the heart of the town. They offer more space, privacy, comfort, independence, security and flexibility. The freedom to work and relax is unparalleled. Stay in touch with the rest of the world with the wi-fi access in every corner of the apartment. The covered and safe car parking keeps your car secure, if you possess any during your stay. We make sure that you have your peace of mind with all round 3 tier security. The passionate and committed service staff makes you experience an indulgent living experience. With 24 hours electricity backup, refrigerator, fully equipped modular kitchen, hot and cold water facility, iron etc. you feel as if you are not out of your house.

We, at PK Residency offer you the best in personalized accommodation with all state of the art facilities. Personalized attention is accorded to every guest. We offer a sophisticated oasis with an elegant design and pamper you with a wide range of amenities. An affordable rate is what makes each apartment an ideal place for professionals and others.

All our service apartments are located in upscale societies with serene locations. Located at the heart of the town, the service apartment in sector 36 is at a walking distance from Noida City Centre Metro station. Other apartments in sector 50 and 93A are close to Electronic City of Noida, Noida Special Economic Zone and Greater Noida Expressway. This makes it beneficial for a business traveler who has to go to work everyday. When he comes back to the apartment, he can simply unwind and relax. We make you feel at home while you are away from home.