PK Residency – Our code of ethics

At PK Residency, we understand the fact that good business and strong ethics go hand in hand. Our high ethical standards and integrity helps us in moving ahead with our head held high. Our code of ethics describes how we work and behave and applies to every member 4who works for us. We aim at behaving ethically and protecting our reputation, no matter what. The honesty and integrity with which we work cannot be compromised at any level. We abide by this principle and follow this by heart.

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Our every employee and staff member abides by the code of conduct. There are situations where management has to intervene and give proper guidance. Sometimes disciplinary action may also be required in extreme cases. We recruit our employees on the basis of their quality and suitability for the job irrespective of caste, color, gender, or religion. Harassment of any employee by any person will never be tolerated in any circumstances.

PK Residency is committed to maintain a safe and healthy working environment in all its properties. While we maintain our international standards of service, we abide by the local laws and follow all rules and regulations. We are responsible for contribution to economic growth along with our personal growth.

Our relationship with our guests, suppliers and business partners are professional and personal to an extent where it does not influence any business transaction. We compete with complete honesty with our competitors. We have no tolerance policy for any kind of fraud. Any suspicion of fraud is reported and corrective action is taken only after investigation. Use of guest data is done in compliance with data privacy regulations. The clarity of content is maintained throughout any dealing involving PK Residency. We work in compliance with laws and regulations of the country and conduct of our business is strictly in accordance with the same. The goals of our employees are mutually reinforcing.

We uphold our responsibility to behave in an ethical way and conduct ourselves with dignity and pride. A no tolerance policy for any wrongdoing helps us in fair judgment and justice to everyone. PK Residency operates with integrity and moves towards its mission with every passing day. Our core values are deep rooted in the heart of every employee and they work in unison to achieve the target. We, at PK Residency believe in working with these codes of ethics and business conduct which is very important for the benefit of the organization, the society and the individual as whole.

PK Residency service apartments – not to miss

PK Residency serviced apartments provides stylish and spacious apartments to leisure and business travelers. Our service apartments are home or office away from home complete with fully equipped kitchen, separate dining and sleeping area and separate living with all the amenities that one can require. Here you can relax in plenty of space, quick your own meal, do the laundry and do anything you feel like. We have 3 service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 93A of Noida. Available in 2 and 3 BHK styles, we offer a 2great stay option for families traveling together.

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We are connected very well with every corner of the town as we are centrally located. In fact we connect to the suburbs equally well as all our apartments are in close proximity to Noida city center and Greater Noida Expressway. No wonder we are the prime choice of business delegates coming from all across the world.

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The spacious bedrooms have been decorated by choicest of artifacts. The apartment has all the modern equipments that cater to any type of requirement. The unparalleled luxury coupled with convenience of a home gives you an enthralling experience. The last name in modernity is the bathrooms that have granite tops and give the feel of a 7 star hotel. The tariffs are unbelievable low. Our apartment fridge will be filled in advance before you come if you want to dine in. If you are in a mood to relax, you can avail our butler services and give a treat to your taste buds with choicest of cuisines. This minimizes any takeaway or eating out cost. So you can keep healthy even when you are away from home. When you are working away from home, PK Residency help you unwind with the large DTH set in the room. If you have some business work to attend to, you can also use the broadband wireless internet access. To make your stay more comfortable and hassle free, we provide washing machine, iron, heaters, daily newspaper, cooking gas, car parking and hot and cold running water. What else can you ask for?

Our regular housekeeping, staff that takes care of everything you need, privacy and freedom are few options that are most valuable to our guests. We also offer you round the clock 3 tier security and uncut electricity throughout the day. We take every step to ensure that every single minute you stay with us is memorable and enjoyable. Come and experience the fine art of hospitality.

PK Residency – A perfect destination for events

Events form an integral part of any corporate in current competitive world. With an ever evolving corporate competition, events are the best way for any organization to project its mission, project launches, sales review meetings etc. Noida is becoming the commercial hub of North India with many multi national companies opening up their offices in the town. We have organized event for many organizations like BHEL, Accenture Conference, Nokia Siemens Network, NTPS, Global Logic, HCL etc. All these organizations look forward to working with us in future as well.6

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PK Residency has become a regular destination for all MIC activities of leading companies. The reason being we take care of the entire event with a professional attitude. The stress of planning business meetings and events can be dreadful. We take that stress away from you and leave you refreshing to enjoy the event. Our dedicated team takes care of minute detail to make it successful. Not only we offer Wi-fi, we also give full technical support to the best of our abilities so that you don’t have to rush last minute for any technical glitch. Our efficient planning resources are the best in the industry. The stylish settings and innovative dining options will make you talk of the town. We help you plan, manage your guest list, set up the technical equipments for an official presentation, choosing culinary delights etc. and what not. We are ready to help you from the moment you decide to do an event with us. We offer artfully designed spaces and professional staff that go an extra mile to serve you to make your event memorable and success. Our advanced planning attitude saves you lot of time.

We have dedicated event spaces for you to hold an event of any size, be it personal or professional. The authentic hospitality is our forte. The stylish events will stay in the mind of your guests forever and we are sure you will eye our hotel for your next meeting or event. The décor for every event will be special and breathtaking. The high standards of service, smooth planning, quick response time to all your queries and taking care of all your logistical challenges is what we aim at by taking a holistic approach. We believe in offering seamless service from start to finish.

Bring your events to life with us. Let PK Residency serve you for a stylish and innovative presentation of your image.

PK Residency – A Bliss!

Bliss is the word that comes to mind when anybody thinks of hotel PK Residency, the Apartment hotel and the service apartments. To make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible, our team at PK Residency strives hard to give you a world class experience.

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In the PK Residency hotel, our culinary team is ready to surprise you with its Indian and Mughlai delicacies in the 360 degrees restaurant which is open 24/7. Known for his innovations with food, Chef Ganesh is an expert in his field. Once here,IMG-20130107-00887 you must try out his Butter Chicken, Kadhai Chicken, mutton Rogan Josh and Dal Tadka. The thali inclusive of chicken in home cooked spices and home made vegetables at the Apartment hotel is a must try. Our team creates exclusive culinary delights for the pleasure of our guests. Even the butlers available in the service apartments ensure that you stay healthy even when you are away from home. Start your day with a sound approach with our homemade choices. We believe that new ideas are always success as customers are interested in living well and quality eating.

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All the rooms are individually designed with large bathrooms. The serene rooms are designed with utmost care to give a rich detailed interiors and inviting exteriors. The world class amenities add to the luxury and style. A true value for money, PK Residency properties are the most reasonably priced and you will be amazed to see that the quality of service is not compromised at all.

All our properties are in close proximity to major IT hubs, Greater Noida expressway, malls, hospitals and other commercial hubs. Once you are here you will have no problem in commuting. We also provide cab services in case it is required. We serve only the best, be it any thing. All the IMFL liquor brands are served like Kingfisher, Fosters, Blenders pride, Bacardi Rum, Blender’s pride, Teachers Highland etc. We believe in contributing to the environment in every possible way. Not only the rain water is harvested, we have also employed CFL lamps in all our properties so that the energy consumption is minimized.

If you are travelling with your long extended family, you all can stay together at the service apartment together and enjoy your vacation to the maximum. Our dedication, positivity and honesty make your trip worthwhile. Give us a chance to serve you and experience a sense of well being like never before.

PK Residency – Culture & Philosophy

PK Residency is among the most successful accommodation provider in Noida. With properties of enduring value ranging from hotels to service apartments, our culture and philosophy helps in delivering only the best to our customers. A perfect destination for business and leisure travelers, we have raised the hospitality bar to an unimaginable level.

The credit for success of PK Residency goes to the fact that they believe in providing 7authentic and caring hospitality in hotels that cater to needs of all the guests. We are different from our counterparts as our culture is totally guest centric and we carry our culture in our heart in whatever we do.

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We aim at maximizing our revenues with powerful inventory management; guest focused sales and competent marketing. We also aim to minimize the expenses through efficient operations without compromising on guest satisfaction. Sound financial planning and clear understanding of what we do and believe makes us the best. Sustainable growth and success is a result of all these factors combined with customer satisfaction on top. The key to our success is our people.

Our team members are very well trained and dedicated. Their relationship skills and positive attitude keeps our beliefs and core values intact. Not only there is mutual respect for every team member, the hotel management also treats them in a manner they deserve to be treated. We work together cooperatively with a sense of dignity and pride. Our team members are chosen selectively with exceptional qualities who share our core values like teamwork, communicating openly, understanding other’s point of view, hard work and desire to serve. With deeply instilled ethic of personal service, we aim to satisfy the tastes of our discriminating customers.

PK Residency exemplifies its culture in the society as well. We believe in saving the environment and we strive to do our bit by harvesting the rain water and using CFL bulbs that utilize less power. Embracing such sustainable practice makes us committed to create awareness about environmental issues and personal wellness as well.

The management and staff are consistent in our values and cater to needs of every customer. We are dedicated to provide the best service possible to make your stay with us pleasurable. No wonder, our guests go back home fond memories of their stay and come back to us during their next visit. Give us a chance to serve you and you will now for yourself.

Ambience at PK Residency

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a hotel? Is it the entrance, the reception, the staff or the entire ambience? Of course it is the entire ambience that will grab1 your attention. As the saying goes “First impression is the last impression”, so the moment you enter a hotel, you create an impression in your mind about the services, the amenities and overall the hospitality. Keeping all this in mind, we have designed all our properties. At PK Residency we strive to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Special attention is given to the ambience of the hotel and service apartments which gives you a feel of home away from home. Positive ambience is what you feel when you step inside any of our property. Careful choice of artifacts, warm textures, classic interiors, chic furnishings, plush surroundings etc. define PK Residency.

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While our hotel in Sector 27 Noida is made up like a beautiful Rajasthani Haveli from outside, the interiors are very contemporary. The rooms are aesthetically designed, creatively furnished and equipped with modern amenities. The grandeur of another age is mixed with contemporary state of the art facilities and luxurious hospitality. When we talk about our service apartments, nothing beats them in terms of the ambience and service. They are bound to make you feel at home with fully equipped kitchen, beautiful bedrooms, attached bathrooms and balconies and all the modern amenities one can think of. Sit on your couch and watch live cricket match. Nothing beats the experience. It is a wonderful blend of homely comfort and hotel luxuries. The apartments are in high rise buildings in posh sectors of Noida. All the connectivity and entertainment needs are taken care of with the television set and wi-fi access.

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Our unrivalled services add to the overall look and feel of the hotel. You will find yourself engulfed by unparalleled service, which makes sure that all your demands are met. The plethora of services will ensure that you get what you can think of before time. The facilities and privileges that we provide are essential and extraordinary at the same time. Our legendary services cater to the needs of every lifestyle.

Come, stay with us and experience the understated opulence that you have always dreamed of. Elegance and understated is what described PK Residency – a perfect destination for leisure and business traveler. The experience will stay long after your trip is over.

Come to PK Residency for extraordinary experience

When you are planning your vacations, what questions come to your mind? You start thinking of a place to stay, its location, to and fro transfer from the airport, the tariff etc. You want your vacation to be trouble free, memorable and comfortable.3

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Ours is an excellently designed hotel in the heart of Noida. PK Residency is a perfect place for company executives, business class and any other traveler. Our policy is home away from home and our courteous, well groomed and decent support staff ensures that you get more than you expected. The spacious air conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms are exquisitely furnished with world class amenities giving you an enthralling experience. Our richly detailed interiors match the essence of hotel. The contemporary furnishing is very inviting; the warm ambience offers extraordinary comforts.

Our key hotel services are available round the clock, so come, relax, work, enjoy, hangout, stay, meet, workout and unwind. If you want to plan a small board meeting, interview sessions and annual company outings, we are here to help you. You can easily count on us for smooth functioning of an event from beginning to the end. Our flexible and instantly responsive team has accomplished some great and flawless events. If you want to travel with your family, our service apartments are the best buy. With close proximity to many fortune 500 companies, you can work and enjoy with your family at the same time. While you are in office, you can be sure of 24 hour power backup and security in all our properties.

In the hotel, the Indian and Mughlai delicacies are not to miss. On the other hand, in service apartments, the butler is available on call. Sit on your couch, enjoy the match, have your favorite food and unwind. Can the evening be any better?

We have revolutionized the concept of branded accommodation and have set standards in brilliance in hospitality industry. We aim at gratifying your smallest needs. Our service apartments are packed with amenities to serve any lifestyle. The service design caters to various customer segments. Our little touch adds up to the exceptional experiences. PK Residency is a world class hotel in the heart of the town and we strive you give you a pleasurable experience. We do not want you to just visit, we want you to stay, take home cherish able memories and come back again. We redefine luxury in hospitality.

The Apart Hotel, Sector 50

It is an ever evolving competitive corporate world. Many IT professionals or other business managers travel across the country for official work. This trip might extend to few days for some. These professionals want to stay at a place which gives them a homely feel. Apart Hotel was made keeping in mind the love for modern concept by all urban professionals.

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Apart hotels are 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments in high rise apartments engulfing in it necessities of a home and luxuries of a hotel at the same time. It is a dream come true for visitors looking for a homely option. Since it is a high rise apartment, 3we have 2 elevators to reach to your destination. Since the entire feel is home like, the food is also made just like you get at home with an edge. We offer you a thali with various vegetables and chicken in home cooked spices. We understand that these working professionals need to work, so we give them a high speed Wi-Fi connections. Buffet breakfast is included in the tariff. However, the butler service is on call.

The Apart Hotel is located in a very up market sector 50. The electronic city of Noida i.e. sector 62, 63, 64, 65, 58 and 59 is in close proximity. So the professionals who have come from other towns will not face any problem in commuting to their offices in these sectors. All the major industries in Noida are in Noida Special Economic Zone which is very close to our hotel. The Greater Noida expressway is also nearby. The rain water is harvested and this way we ensure that we contribute in some way to the society. The scents, the products, the sounds, the flowers, the furniture etc. everything makes you feel easy and at home. Apart hotel has everything that make your stay cosy and comfortable without having to leave the building. These hotel apartments are perfect for a fun filled family holiday or romantic weekend as well. The spacious well appointed bathrooms, exquisitely furnished and fully equipped kitchenette offers you the lavishness of a hotel and convenience and comfort of a home.

Investing in such an innovative product is a wonderful idea as the demand for home like feeling by these professionals is increasing day by day. Enjoy the comforts of a home while away from home is what we aim at. We offer a luxury accommodation at reasonable price without compromising on quality.

Future of Service Apartments

India’s economy is growing as at a fast pace and so does the Indian travel sector. Many multinationals are heading here and along with them business professionals are pouring in. With new players joining the sector, the market is huge serving as a boon for travelers. A healthy competition makes the hospitality industry more service oriented. Creativity is running high and people are coming with different options to suit everybody’s needs. Hence the advent of service apartments. Designed to give you a home away from home experience, these apartments are fully furnished houses with all the modern amenities that make you feel like home. People have accepted this new mode of accommodation with open hearts, thanks to numerous benefits.1

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Service Apartments are cost effective alternative to the hotels with no compromise on luxuries, amenities and comfort. Service apartments have become a popular global trend. They enable you to travel with your family. While you are on work, you don’t have to worry about their safety as service apartments are in posh sectors with an all round security. Every time recession set us, we see that corporate off shoots their travel and accommodation costs. They set their eyes on service apartments rather than on hotels. Looking at the increase in number of travelers, these apartments cater to the demands of every individual and lifestyle. People have awoken up to this new found style and are ready to experiment. The trend shows that whoever has stayed in this accommodation comes back and prefers it the next time.

Service Apartments are bound to flourish in the years to come. Noida has seen vast growth in terms of economy, corporate world expansion, infrastructure upliftment and what not. People from all over the world come here for varied reasons. Being in the National Capital Region, travelers love to come and explore the place. Maximum travelers are the professionals who come for long or short duration. PK Residency caters to needs of all types of guests. Centrally located with modern design, our service apartments have everything that you can think of. We deliver the best possible user experience with our creatively designed luxurious residential atmosphere. All our service apartments in Sector 36, 50 and 93A are well equipped with contemporary amenities, branded appliances, modular kitchen etc. Our personalized service gives you an experience that you will cherish forever. We aim at raising the hospitality bar high. Come, stay with us and take home a new experience.

Events at PK Residency

Are you planning a big meeting or presentation or an event? We are here to help you plan.

Hotel PK Residency is located in the heart of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Many Multi National Companies are located in the town. Professionals from all across the globe come for the events. We, at PK Residency, offer a comprehensive event service at our hotel located in Sector 27. We are a perfect destination of MICE activities of leading1 companies. Few companies that come to our hotel for events are Accenture, HCL Technologies, Nokia Siemens Network, Global Logic, Hindustan Lifecare Ltd., NTPS Ltd., BHEL Ltd., Amity University etc. We aim at graciously handling the details of your event and managing the distractions artfully so that you become free to succeed.

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Our helpful business event planning resource lets you host your meeting or event in style. Secure the right venue, manage your guest list and what not. We offer you state of the art facilities, proper technological tools, top of the industry aesthetics, no detail is over looked. With our high levels of professionalism, we never fail to deliver what you expected and go an extra mile to deliver whatever you imagined. With our applause worthy resources, smartly designed full service facilities, thoughtful amenities,  we ensure that every event is memorable. Our responsive team, personalized service and amazing hospitality is ideal for any kind of event.  The highly motivated staff is well trained in customizing the facilities to meet your individual needs and ensure that you take home memory of an amazing event.

Any type of event, be it large or small scale meetings, management seminar, marketing or training session, reunion, headline grabbing product launches, any special occasion celebration, we always aim to please and make each event unique and memorable. We offer you a range of flexible spaces to suit your requirements. A healthy food choice for all the attendees is an added advantage. We host everything from high powered board meeting to major corporate events. Not only this, we understand the demand of hosting centre stage events. We set the standards for excellence. We also specialize in organizing special theme evenings and group activities.

We are a perfect blend of service, efficiency and luxury. We make the spectacular happen irrespective of the size and scale. Its time to make an impression. So come, join us. Let us embrace your guests with our authentic hospitality.