Questions that one asks before booking a hotel

4Travelers do their research before booking a hotel or a service apartment. They visit websites, check hotel ratings, read reviews over the internet about the hotel they are planning their stay at. However, there still are questions that remain unanswered that you must know before booking so as to make your stay hassle free.

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The visitor might like to ask the location of the hotel and its distance from the major shopping centers or stations or airport. This becomes very important if you do not have a transport of your own during your stay. Our PK Residency Hotel is centrally located with close proximity to Sector 18 which is the commercial hub of Noida. It is also very close to big malls and markets. The Apart Hotel in Sector 50 is at a stone throw away distance from Electronic City of Noida and Greater Noida Expressway.

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The visitor might like to know how to check in and the check out time of the hotel. The tariffs are the first and the foremost thing. Our tariffs are not heavy on your pocket for any of our property. In fact, the experience that you get here is pure value for money. Travelers would like to know of any discounts. Some clients would like to know if Airport transfers are available. We would like to inform that airport transfers are available from our hotel and service apartments. However, these services are charged extra and are not included in the tariff. Some travelers are inquisitive about the amenities provided. We offer world class amenities in our properties. While our service apartments are fully furnished and full of modern appliances, our hotels provide quality bath products and toiletries. We believe that hotel amenities and service makes all the difference. So we aim at giving our best.

The type of room and the availability of rooms is one big question. Travelers travelling with a family inquire about extra beddings in the room. We personally customize our services to suit every guest’s needs and make their stay unforgettable. Internet usage and parking fee is also on mind of some potential guests. They also ask if the bar and restaurant open 24/7. All these queries are answered by helpful and competent PK Residency staff.

We made sure that all your queries are answered in this article. However, if there are still some, please feel free to ask us anything anytime.

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