PK Residency comes up with environment friendly properties

Global warming is eating up the planet every minute and we all must do our bit to save Earth in our own small ways to make it a safe and better place to live in not only for us but for generations to come. PK Residency now moves on to the path of sustainability by venturing into some environment friendly hotels and service apartments. The brand has 2 hotels and 3 service apartments in its kitty which all are located in green plush surroundings. The properties have rain water harvesting system installed and make use of low energy consuming CFL lights that save power.

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Rain water harvesting system is not the main source of water but is a green initiative that involves a catchment area which collects rain water and sends it to storage tanks. This water stored can also be directed to groundwater recharging pits. It promotes conservation, reduce floods and clean streams. The water from the roof is channeled to a storage tank rather than going wasted in sidewalks and streets. The clear stored water can then be used for other better purposes.

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The commitment to going green continues to survive with the use of compact fluorescent lighting commonly called CFL in guest rooms. These lights are not only long lasting but also reduce the energy cost along with the carbon footprint. These lights save 75% of energy and take little while to warm up to complete intensity. The guest rooms when highlighted with these CFL lights offer a welcoming atmosphere. The guests do not even notice the difference in light source, thanks to cutting edge technology. This energy efficient lighting builds the brand value and loyalty and offers fast return on investment. It is an attractive option to enhance the aesthetic environment and reduce the energy at the same time. Going green never looked so beautiful before.

The PK Residency hotel in Sector 27 is surrounded by a stunning garden on the outside with beautiful flowers and long eucalyptus trees. All the service apartments are located in high rise buildings of plush green localities with lot of greenery around. All these green initiatives when mixed with contemporary world class service, ambience and aura make your stay with us a truly memorable and rejuvenating. After a hard day at work, the decor, services and the entire aura relaxes you and leave you with a positive energy to start another day with an exciting zeal.

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