PK Residency: A green venture to healthier living

Constant fast moving world has led to many threats related to health and well being of mankind which many a times go unnoticed as we are continually busy in our lives. Healthier living is becoming the top most priority of current generation not just for the benefit for us but also for the benefits of coming generations. PK Residency hotels and service apartments have realized this importance and have incorporated ways to make the entire properties environment friendly.

We believe in reducing, recycling and reusing policy. These 3 R’s are of utmost importance and depicts our commitment to the environment. The PK Apart hotel in sector 50, Noida has utilized the water harvesting and saving option in the society. The rain water is collected, filtered and put to use in numerous ways. This eliminates wastage of water. All the service apartments are in high rise buildings of sectors which have lot of green space. The greenery not only provides you with fresh clean air to breathe but is also delivers a scenic view. You feel close to nature and rejuvenated.

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Just imagine that you are sitting in the confines of your room sipping coffee viewing a large green lush park outside. Isn’t it relaxing? The PK Residency hotel in sector 27 Noida gives a very warm inviting feeling, thanks to the beautiful garden outside. The long eucalyptus trees and plants full of flowers in autumn and spring season make the entire view very picturesque. Not just the exteriors but the interiors are also designed in such a way that they offer an inviting feeling. The small indoor plants are judiciously incorporated so that you feel relaxes and fresh inside the premises as well.

All the properties are using low power consuming CFL lights. These lights consume less power and are equally luminous at the same time. Key with master electricity control also results in low usage of electricity. PK Residency believes in optimum utilization of all the resources so that there is no or minimal wastage of any kind. Healthy living is all that we aim at and PK Residency takes you one step ahead in that direction. All these measures and initiatives taken by us keep us ahead or our peers in the industry. The hospitality industry is slowly realizing the importance of healthier living and we have set an example for other hotels as well as our guests at the same time.

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