5 ways PK Residency takes care of you

At PK Residency, we love taking care of our guests, and we feel awesome when our guests have a good time. We have been working towards complete guest satisfaction. We know that we have attained what we aimed at as the guests keep coming back to us for their vacation or when they are on a business trip. We would like to give you an insight on the ways PK Residency takes care of you.

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 We respect and nurture the foodie inside every guest. Our 360 degrees restaurant in Hotel PK Residency sector 27 Noida serves choicest of Indian and Mughlai dishes to pamper you. The chef and his team work hard to make the food tastier and better every day. At all the service apartments, you can cook your own meal as per your style pr avail butler facilities. This enables the guests to stick to a diet plan while they are away from home. We believe in the fact there is nothing like staying connected to your friends and family back home when you are out on a vacation or on a business trip. Keeping that in mind, we have provided Wifi across all our properties. So you can text back home that you had a wonderful day and check what you can do the next day on the internet. The guests can also cater to professional commitments and work on the laptop sitting in the comfortable confines of your beautiful room.

Every traveler is worried about the expenses whether he is out on a vacation or he is fulfilling his business commitments. PK Residency offers the best tariffs in the entire hospitality industry with an excellence of luxury and comforts.

 PK Residency, the brand as a whole, is very environment friendly. Most of the hotels and service apartments are at places where water harvesting is done. The rain water is collected and stored so that it can be used for various other purposes. The lights and bulbs used in the property are CFL which consumes less power without compromising on the luminance. These eco-friendly lights bulbs and intelligent water saving systems preserve the resources to a great extent. Along with all the above mentioned things, we offer world class services and amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. On this note we would like to thank our ear guests for having trust on us again and again.

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