Why choose a service apartment over hotel?

Service apartments are the self contained apartments that provide all the necessary amenities and world class services that you use in your home. They are designed to give you a home away from home feeling. PK Residency service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 90A have been designed keeping in mind the luxuries of a hotel and necessities of a house. PK Residency is a name that has changed the meaning of accommodation and has heightened the hospitality bar.

There are separate living spaces which gives you the flexibility to allow your friends and family to stay with you during your trip. You get to enjoy lot of private space with your own bedroom, living room and kitchen. The best part is that the health is not compromised at all. You can cook your own food in your own style in the most hygienic environment. This way the guests can comply with their nutritionist diet plan. If you want to pamper yourself, you can as for butler services. You don’t have to eat out all the time. This leads to significant amount of saving specially for those who have come for longer periods or for those with limited financial means. In a service apartment, the guest can eat, sleep, work or play as per his own timetable. There is complete freedom from hotel’s timetable which has fixed time for eating etc.

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For travelers who have to stay for longer duration, service apartments are a boon. Since the environment is entirely homely, there is no room for homesickness. When the guest moves from impersonal hotel accommodation to a personalized service apartment, the change can be easily felt. For those who have to stay for long do not feel any pinch on their pockets as the apartments have way too less tariffs than the hotels. The corporate travelers find service apartments as the best cost effective solution to their accommodation needs as they travel frequently. The amenities like internet access, television sets, well equipped modular kitchen, freshly stocked pantry, regular housekeeping etc. are few things that make PK Residency service apartments best in class.

There are numerous ways in which a service apartment can serve you more than a hotel. While the luxuries are comparable to a hotel, the other amenities at reasonable price make it the best option for those who travel frequently or those who travel for long. We would like to serve you again and again every time you visit Noida.

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