Reasons why you should stay in a service apartment

Vacation is a time where you want to spend most of the available time enjoying. Staying in an expensive hotel might hit your pocket hard. But if you find a suitable alternative to that one, you are lucky. For those who are in search of mid range option, PK Residency offers its service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 93A of Noida. A service apartment is completely furnished apartment which has all the luxuries of a hotel and comforts and privacy of a home at the same time. It has a housekeeping staff that services the apartment and makes it a perfect place for you to stay.

While you are staying in a PK Residency service apartment, you are not confined to just one room. All the apartments have a separate living and dining area just like your home. The service apartments are not only cheaper but are in comparison to any luxurious hotel when it comes to services and amenities. The well equipped kitchen is the best part of an apartment. Not only you can cook your own food, but can also ask for a cook if you are not in a mood to spend time in the kitchen. The fridge and microwave enables you to store late night snacks and heat up leftover food. Your special dietary requirements are easily taken care of. With a fully equipped kitchen you can cook your own meal, stay healthy and save money at the same time. You can call for housekeeping whenever you want to. All our apartments have a washing machine with a dryer. So you can pack light while you are travelling and can wash and wear the clothes repeatedly. The two most important factors that make our service apartments hot favourite are that the luxuries of a hotel are incorporated in the apartment and the tariffs are the best in the industry. So the guests can stay for longer periods without worrying about their bills.

Service apartments are perfect for those who are on long business trips and need a homely atmosphere after a tiring day at work. People who travel in groups find this a perfect option as they can stay together and make the maximum out of the time spent together. Couples or groups can have their own rooms and can hang out together in the shared living area. PK Residency service apartments are creatively designed and aesthetically furnished so as to give you maximum comforts.

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