Future of Service Apartments

India’s economy is growing as at a fast pace and so does the Indian travel sector. Many multinationals are heading here and along with them business professionals are pouring in. With new players joining the sector, the market is huge serving as a boon for travelers. A healthy competition makes the hospitality industry more service oriented. Creativity is running high and people are coming with different options to suit everybody’s needs. Hence the advent of service apartments. Designed to give you a home away from home experience, these apartments are fully furnished houses with all the modern amenities that make you feel like home. People have accepted this new mode of accommodation with open hearts, thanks to numerous benefits.1

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Service Apartments are cost effective alternative to the hotels with no compromise on luxuries, amenities and comfort. Service apartments have become a popular global trend. They enable you to travel with your family. While you are on work, you don’t have to worry about their safety as service apartments are in posh sectors with an all round security. Every time recession set us, we see that corporate off shoots their travel and accommodation costs. They set their eyes on service apartments rather than on hotels. Looking at the increase in number of travelers, these apartments cater to the demands of every individual and lifestyle. People have awoken up to this new found style and are ready to experiment. The trend shows that whoever has stayed in this accommodation comes back and prefers it the next time.

Service Apartments are bound to flourish in the years to come. Noida has seen vast growth in terms of economy, corporate world expansion, infrastructure upliftment and what not. People from all over the world come here for varied reasons. Being in the National Capital Region, travelers love to come and explore the place. Maximum travelers are the professionals who come for long or short duration. PK Residency caters to needs of all types of guests. Centrally located with modern design, our service apartments have everything that you can think of. We deliver the best possible user experience with our creatively designed luxurious residential atmosphere. All our service apartments in Sector 36, 50 and 93A are well equipped with contemporary amenities, branded appliances, modular kitchen etc. Our personalized service gives you an experience that you will cherish forever. We aim at raising the hospitality bar high. Come, stay with us and take home a new experience.

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