PK Residency – Culture & Philosophy

PK Residency is among the most successful accommodation provider in Noida. With properties of enduring value ranging from hotels to service apartments, our culture and philosophy helps in delivering only the best to our customers. A perfect destination for business and leisure travelers, we have raised the hospitality bar to an unimaginable level.

The credit for success of PK Residency goes to the fact that they believe in providing 7authentic and caring hospitality in hotels that cater to needs of all the guests. We are different from our counterparts as our culture is totally guest centric and we carry our culture in our heart in whatever we do.

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We aim at maximizing our revenues with powerful inventory management; guest focused sales and competent marketing. We also aim to minimize the expenses through efficient operations without compromising on guest satisfaction. Sound financial planning and clear understanding of what we do and believe makes us the best. Sustainable growth and success is a result of all these factors combined with customer satisfaction on top. The key to our success is our people.

Our team members are very well trained and dedicated. Their relationship skills and positive attitude keeps our beliefs and core values intact. Not only there is mutual respect for every team member, the hotel management also treats them in a manner they deserve to be treated. We work together cooperatively with a sense of dignity and pride. Our team members are chosen selectively with exceptional qualities who share our core values like teamwork, communicating openly, understanding other’s point of view, hard work and desire to serve. With deeply instilled ethic of personal service, we aim to satisfy the tastes of our discriminating customers.

PK Residency exemplifies its culture in the society as well. We believe in saving the environment and we strive to do our bit by harvesting the rain water and using CFL bulbs that utilize less power. Embracing such sustainable practice makes us committed to create awareness about environmental issues and personal wellness as well.

The management and staff are consistent in our values and cater to needs of every customer. We are dedicated to provide the best service possible to make your stay with us pleasurable. No wonder, our guests go back home fond memories of their stay and come back to us during their next visit. Give us a chance to serve you and you will now for yourself.

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