Experience complete rejuvenation with PK Residency

PK Residency is a name that is synonym for luxury, indulgence and
comfort. Our range of hotels and service apartments in Noida have been
the preferred destination for all types of travelers owing to world
class personalized services and amenities.

All the properties are meticulously crafted keeping in mind the
comforts of guests. The well-lit spacious rooms have been fitted with
air conditioners to keep heat at bay and flat screen television so
that you do not miss out on your favorite programs while you are away
from home. We understand that staying connected is very important when
you are out of you home. There are times when you might feel homesick
or feel the need to share your experiences. So we have provided free
Wi-fi facility to our guests in all our properties. Not only this, the
business travelers feel blessed when they do their official work
sitting in the rooms. So while they are on a professional trip, they
can feel completely relaxed. The carefully chosen staff members
understand the needs of the guests and are ready to help all the time.

We want all our guests to live a life of indulgence and experience a
sense of beauty and serenity. All the properties are meticulously
crafted keeping in mind the comforts of guests. The hotel in Noida
sector 27 gives you a feel of a traditional Rajasthani haveli as the
exteriors are built from Dholpur stone by Rajasthani craftsmen.
However, the interiors complement the living style of even the most
discerning traveler. We offer contemporary top notch services and
amenities that will make your trip memorable. Even the Indian and
Mughlai food served will give you a feel of traditional India.

The service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 93A of Noida are located
in high rise building of posh sectors offering breathtaking panoramic
view from the rooms. The 3 tier security and round the clock power
backup makes you and your family feel secure. Since you have fully
equipped kitchen and well stocked pantry at your disposal, you can
cook food in your own style.

The properties are centrally located and are within easy reach by road
from the airport. Ye metro stations are close by, so travelers do not
face any problem in commuting. We also offer cab services for our
guests so that they can roam around in style. We welcome all our
guests with warmth that will make them feel special.

PK Residency : where travelling means happiness

Travelling has become an integral part of everybody’s life these days. The corporate world is becoming global and thus wants its employees to move around to different cities to accomplish various jobs. These highly paid professionals when travel around the world do not want to compromise on living standards and want to be in the best of living conditions while they are travelling. Life has become more stressful and thus people want some break out of their busy schedules to rewind and rejuvenate. The leisure travellers have started moving around the globe to explore different options. India has been the favourite destination for many foreign travellers owing to its rich culture and heritage. Tourists or corporate travellers come to Delhi and are on a lookout for a luxurious and comfortable accommodation option. PK Residency is one brand which apart from offering various staying options offers unparalleled service to make your stay memorable.

PK Residency offers service apartments, luxurious hotels and budget hotels to suit every type of traveller. For a visitor who has to stay for longer duration, service apartments is the best choice as it gives a homely feeling without compromising on luxuries, and it very cost effective. The apartments in sector 36, 50 and 93A of Noida are all located in high rise buildings of posh sectors. With 3-tier security and round the clock power backup, the guests feel safe. Fully equipped with modern day necessities and luxuries of a hotel, a service apartment is perfect for families travelling together and business travellers.

The look and feel of the hotel in Noida sector 27 is completely traditional and will make you feel as if you are in Mughal era. The decor, aura, cuisine and everything else will give you a feeling of royalty. The hotel gives a very warm and inviting feel to its guests they moment they step into the property. The tariffs are astoundingly low so that you can stay for as much time as you want without bothering about the budget. The consistency in values of management and all the staff members is evident from the fact that they all work in unison to make your visit cherish able and hassle free. The authentic and caring hospitality is our forte, and we believe in maximising the happiness of our guests. Come to PK Residency and enjoy a promising and exciting vacation or business trip that will prepare you to take on the challenging world once your trip is over.

Service apartments – the best staying option

When you go for a short vacation, it is good to stay in a hotel in midst of all the luxuries and comforts. However, if you are travelling a little longer, staying in a hotel becomes too heavy on your pocket. Do you know what to do in such a case? You can opt for a service apartment in such a case which is a cost effective alternative to a hotel. You will be amazed to see that the luxuries, services and amenities in an apartment match that of a hotel. It is basically a middle option between renting a house and staying in a hotel.

Since a service apartment is fully furnished, you can just walk in and start with whatever you have come for. It is the best option for all those corporate travelers who travel for longer durations and do not want to compromise on the living standards and quality. PK Residency offers service apartments that suit your pocket. You can choose from 1 BHK to 4 BHK apartments as per your requirement. The best part is that if you want to travel with your family, you can stay with us. While you are out for business work, you can be sure of your family’s safety as all the apartments have 3-tier security and power backup round the clock. Other than the business and leisure travelers and families travelling together, the service apartments is the best staying option for those who have been relocated to the town and are on a lookout for a permanent accommodation.

Since all our service apartments are located in city centre, you can easily go to any place in no time. Our service apartments are best suited for business travelers as they are situated very close to all the commercial and industrial hubs. So the corporate travelers can go their office everyday without spending much time in commuting. The apartment is filled with all the modern day amenities and necessities. It is completely ready when you walk through the door. The pantry is freshly stocked and the modular kitchen already has the latest cutlery and crockery. While you can avail butler facility but nothing beats cooking in your own style. So you cook a healthy meal after a day’s work in the most exciting and hygienic environment. PK Residency is one stop destination for all your travel needs and suits even the most discerning voyager.

Magnificent hotel – PK Residency

Capture the essence of India at PK Residency, the ultimate hotel for every business and leisure traveler. With hotels in Sector 27 and sector 50 and service apartments in Sector 50, 36 and 93A, we cater to major section of business and leisure travelers who come to the town. We welcome the international guests with open arms as they feel comfortable enjoying the traditional environment and contemporary services and amenities.

From professional meetings to personal celebratory occasions, PK Residency excels in providing for any type of event. We offer world class caterers, experienced planners and technical expertise etc. to make your event a success. All the properties of PK Residency put you in close proximity with all major city’s attractions. The hotels and service apartments are located at the epicenter of the town so that you do not have to travel too much in order to reach your destination. It is the perfect staying option for business traveler as the properties are very close to Greater Noida Expressway and Special Economic Zone where majority of multi national organizations are located. No wonder we are the preferred choice for hosting events for many multi national organizations. We strongly believe in conserving our environment and so most of our properties have water harvesting system installed. Not only this, all the hotels and service apartments have utilized CFL lights resulting in energy conservation.

You can discover ultimate comfort in our luxurious rooms and suites with flat screen TV’s, individually controlled air conditioners and wifi internet. The contemporary world class amenities and services add to the experience. Discover the tantalizing Indian and Mughlai flavors at 360 degrees restaurant in PK Residency Sector 27 which operates round the clock to serve you. Along with the choices of these mouth watering delicacies, we serve the best of IMFL liquor brands to make your evening more relaxed and comfortable. If you want a more home like option to stay, you can choose from our wide range of service apartments located in sector 36, 50 and 93A. Depending upon the number of people you are travelling with, you can choose from 1 BHK to 4 BHK apartments. These apartments are well furnished and fully equipped with kitchen items and all the household necessities. The best part is that the luxuries of hotel are carefully blended in the homely environment. We welcome you to a world which is the optimum blend of comfort, convenience and excitement.

Why choose a service apartment over hotel?

Service apartments are the self contained apartments that provide all the necessary amenities and world class services that you use in your home. They are designed to give you a home away from home feeling. PK Residency service apartments in sector 36, 50 and 90A have been designed keeping in mind the luxuries of a hotel and necessities of a house. PK Residency is a name that has changed the meaning of accommodation and has heightened the hospitality bar.

There are separate living spaces which gives you the flexibility to allow your friends and family to stay with you during your trip. You get to enjoy lot of private space with your own bedroom, living room and kitchen. The best part is that the health is not compromised at all. You can cook your own food in your own style in the most hygienic environment. This way the guests can comply with their nutritionist diet plan. If you want to pamper yourself, you can as for butler services. You don’t have to eat out all the time. This leads to significant amount of saving specially for those who have come for longer periods or for those with limited financial means. In a service apartment, the guest can eat, sleep, work or play as per his own timetable. There is complete freedom from hotel’s timetable which has fixed time for eating etc.

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For travelers who have to stay for longer duration, service apartments are a boon. Since the environment is entirely homely, there is no room for homesickness. When the guest moves from impersonal hotel accommodation to a personalized service apartment, the change can be easily felt. For those who have to stay for long do not feel any pinch on their pockets as the apartments have way too less tariffs than the hotels. The corporate travelers find service apartments as the best cost effective solution to their accommodation needs as they travel frequently. The amenities like internet access, television sets, well equipped modular kitchen, freshly stocked pantry, regular housekeeping etc. are few things that make PK Residency service apartments best in class.

There are numerous ways in which a service apartment can serve you more than a hotel. While the luxuries are comparable to a hotel, the other amenities at reasonable price make it the best option for those who travel frequently or those who travel for long. We would like to serve you again and again every time you visit Noida.

PK Residency reflecting the serenity

Delhi, the capital of India, is the place where you can experience the true hospitality of India. Noida is the town situated right next to Delhi which is the core of hospitality industry. The spacious roads, marvelous infrastructure and contemporary side of the town will surely enthrall you. If you want to experience the town in full glory, you must stay at PK Residency which reflects the serenity in every possible way.

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Every PK Residency property is known for exquisite service and utmost comforts for national and international travelers. Name anything and we have it all like plush seating, inviting interiors, warm staff, mouth watering dishes and warm ambience. The calm, comfortable, luxurious yet home like experience is our forte. We believe in adding a personal touch to your stay with us. We offer delectable cuisines which you can order as room service. We have all the facilities to cater to your personal and professional requirements like flat screen TV, free Wifi internet across all the rooms, individually controlled ac rooms, 24×7 power backup and 3-tier security. The premium toiletries will make you feel special. All the service apartments have butlers available on call so that you can get a feel of a hotel sitting in the apartment. You can also cook your own food if you want to. In the hotel, the lip smacking delicacies can be relished at any hour of the day as the restaurant is open all round the clock.

Our hotel has the best space for conducting a professional or personal event. Smooth running of any business event is very important. So we have state of the art communication facilities and communication systems to ensure that your event is a success. The technical expertise of our staff can also be used. All the PK Residency properties are located in prime locations which makes it a perfect destination for business and leisure travelers. If you are planning to explore the city all round the day or go to any place, you can make use of our cab facility which is charged nominally. The best in industry tariffs gives you true value for money.

We are known to offer opulent facilities and extra ordinary service that will totally change your experience of luxury. The unparalleled luxury when generously topped with warmth and hospitality makes your stay with us memorable and will make you come back during your next visit.

Guest satisfaction is our motto

The essence of the entire service industry lies in the contentment of the consumer. And same goes for the hospitality industry whose essence lies in the guest satisfaction. At PK Residency we love what we are doing. We believe strongly that the centre of out accommodation is the guest and we strive hard to give them the best possible service. We deliver exceptional service which brings us to increased guest satisfaction.

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PK Residency offers a wide range of hotels and service apartments to choose from. We are a preferred choice for business and leisure travelers coming from any part of the world. This can be proved from the fact that our guests are permanent and they would like to stay with us again when they come to Noida during their next visit. We introspect every service interaction and analyze what we can do about it. We continually improve our service standards so as to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

Our world class services and amenities match every lifestyle. Travelers from outside India feel comfortable when they are with us. It is not just the amenities that crack the deal. When we combine compassion with what we do, the payoff is immeasurable. Compassion is the core of exceptional service and that is what leads to a higher ranking. Our guests always go back home with a feeling that what they need matters to us and this feeling makes them come back again to us. At PK Residency we leave no stone unturned in making our guests feel that they are special and are valued. We do whatever it takes to make our guests feel relaxed in the lap of luxury.

Even if you have the highest level of technology, best of rooms, reasonable rates and the best of food and you are not delivering the high quality service, everything else is meaningless. The utmost priority of staff members at PK Residency are their guests. The streamlined workflow makes us available for them every second. The staff members ensure that you leave the hotel happily and with contentment. We pay special attention to prompt and friendly service, clean rooms and comfortable surroundings. The industry is fiercely competitive and we stand apart from the others in all the aspects leading the hospitality standards to new levels. We take pride in our brand and delivering exceptional service levels at all times is our promise.

PK Residency – a boon for service industry

Service apartment industry has seen a huge surge owing to longer duration of travel by business professionals. People these days have travel in their priority list. They want to explore the world while keeping a check on their pockets at the same time. Service apartments have emerged as a perfect alternative to expensive hotels as the rates are not very high and the standard of living matches any luxury hotel. PK Residency contributed to the service apartment in its own unique style by offering apartments that have all the luxuries of a hotel and necessities of a home combined into one.

The two most important things that contribute to amazing apartment accommodation are that the tariffs are not too high and the living standard is not compromised at all. Families who are travelling together want to stay together. Depending upon your requirement you can choose from the size of the apartment as we offer apartments ranging from 1BHK to 4 BHK.  All the rooms are creatively decorated and full of amenities to suit every kind of lifestyle. The 3 tier security is at your disposal. All round power backup and free parking is included in the tariff. The airport transfers can be entertained upon request. The well stocked modular kitchen and pantry can cater to your hunger pangs anytime of the day. You can cook your own food and feel as if you are sitting in your home. We also offer butler services that are proficient in cooking many cuisines. Other than that, you also get to use refrigerator, washing machines, iron, safe, geysers, air conditioners, television etc. so that you do not feel away from home. Not bad for a weekend getaway with your family and friends as well without hitting too much on your budget.

Apartments of PK Residency place you in heart of Noida. All the apartments have close proximity to commercial and industrial hubs of the town making it a perfect choice for business and leisure travellers. Make sure you are close to public transport routes as well by booking with us. For Wi-fi internet for all the apartments enables you to conduct an online meeting or connect with people while you are in the apartment. The guest’s satisfaction with the accommodation can be judged from the fact that the guests keep revisiting the apartments every time they are in town. Come to PK Residency and get to stay in centrally located self contained apartments with everything that you might need.

Rich cultural heritage exists at PK Residency

India is known for its rich cultural heritage and people from every corner of the world come to explore it. Indians are striving hard to preserve it and present it to the guests from the outside world in them most promising way. The hospitality industry has contributed tremendously in preserving it and offering the heritage in its authentic form so that the people in western countries know the real India. PK Residency has also done its part. It will not be wrong to call the PK Residency hotel in Noida sector 27, an essence of luxury and culture.

The moment you look at the property, you will start getting the royal feeling. It is a 25 room property which has been inspired by old traditional haveli’s of Rajasthan. The exteriors are made up of a stone called Dholpur and craftsmen were imported from Rajasthan to give it an authentic look. On the other hand, the interiors have all the contemporary services and facilities. Club suite is the top room of the hotel overlooking a stunning garden. The 25 staff members will take care of everything you need right from the moment you step into it. Centrally located, the commercial and industrial hubs of the town are very close by.

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The hotel has an in house restaurant named 360 degrees which operates round the clock. You can enjoy the lip smacking Indian and Mughlai dishes in a setting which is a perfect mix of tradition and modern times. The Chef Ganesh has worked with us for 14 years and is known for his creativity when it comes to food. Savor an assortment of delicacies when you come to 360 degrees with dishes like mutton Rogan Josh, Dal Tadka and Kadhai Chicken. It is indeed a true delight for all vegetarians and no vegetarians. You can satisfy your hunger pangs any time of the day and night and give in to the delicious taste and aroma of the dishes. These mouth watering delicacies will make you come back to the place.

 The hotel is set amidst a massive garden and is known as a proof of heritage and culture. The long eucalyptus trees with beautiful flowers give a very warm inviting feel to the entire location. The royal touch has been kept intact in every corner of the room. Come, stay with us and you will get familiar with the luxury that you have not experienced before.

PK Residency – premium hotel for business traveler

We, at PK Residency, have created a niche for ourselves when it comes to accommodation for business travelers. People from all across the world who come to Noida for professional engagements want to stay at a place that can cater to every lifestyle need and deliver in terms of world class business amenities and services. Targeted at cosmopolitan travelers, the hotel is capable of serving guests who enjoy combining work with pleasure.

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We know the importance of staying connected to the outside world while you are travelling. Therefore, we have provided all our guests with free high speed Wi-fi facility across all our properties. The guest can now attend to a midnight professional emergency sitting in their rooms. Even if they do not want to go to their office and the work profile enables them to work from their hotel room, they can sit, relax and work from the place where they are staying. What better the guests can expect while they are travelling. We offer the power of plug and play solution for simultaneous usage of multiple Wi-Fi devices. Come and discover the customized solutions adapted to your needs.

We add even more value to their stay with our best possible tariffs without decreasing the standards and quality. Our rates are the best in the industry. We understand that a business traveler might have to stay for longer duration. With our low tariffs, they can stay for as long as they want without worrying about the pocket. So you can reduce the cost without lowering your standards. The world class service and amenities add to the memorable experience. We also offer meeting and banquet spaces so that you can stage a professional event of any level. The combination of design, space and atmosphere makes every event or meeting an event to remember. Our high level professional teams and modern technologies give an edge to every event you hold with us.

We try to match performance with pleasure for those who work and play hard. All our rooms are spacious, plush, and comfortable and equipped with contemporary amenities. The flat screen TV is there is every room so that you can spend you spare time indulging in your favorite programs. Stay at PK Residency for all your corporate business travel needs, experience the luxury and we are sure that you will come again to stay with us on your next visit.