Ambience at PK Residency

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a hotel? Is it the entrance, the reception, the staff or the entire ambience? Of course it is the entire ambience that will grab1 your attention. As the saying goes “First impression is the last impression”, so the moment you enter a hotel, you create an impression in your mind about the services, the amenities and overall the hospitality. Keeping all this in mind, we have designed all our properties. At PK Residency we strive to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Special attention is given to the ambience of the hotel and service apartments which gives you a feel of home away from home. Positive ambience is what you feel when you step inside any of our property. Careful choice of artifacts, warm textures, classic interiors, chic furnishings, plush surroundings etc. define PK Residency.

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While our hotel in Sector 27 Noida is made up like a beautiful Rajasthani Haveli from outside, the interiors are very contemporary. The rooms are aesthetically designed, creatively furnished and equipped with modern amenities. The grandeur of another age is mixed with contemporary state of the art facilities and luxurious hospitality. When we talk about our service apartments, nothing beats them in terms of the ambience and service. They are bound to make you feel at home with fully equipped kitchen, beautiful bedrooms, attached bathrooms and balconies and all the modern amenities one can think of. Sit on your couch and watch live cricket match. Nothing beats the experience. It is a wonderful blend of homely comfort and hotel luxuries. The apartments are in high rise buildings in posh sectors of Noida. All the connectivity and entertainment needs are taken care of with the television set and wi-fi access.

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Our unrivalled services add to the overall look and feel of the hotel. You will find yourself engulfed by unparalleled service, which makes sure that all your demands are met. The plethora of services will ensure that you get what you can think of before time. The facilities and privileges that we provide are essential and extraordinary at the same time. Our legendary services cater to the needs of every lifestyle.

Come, stay with us and experience the understated opulence that you have always dreamed of. Elegance and understated is what described PK Residency – a perfect destination for leisure and business traveler. The experience will stay long after your trip is over.